Put new properties in your "BAG" with the assistance of the BAG LEGAL REAL ESTATE TEAM!

Bagneris Legal, PLLC (BAG LEGAL) provides legal advice and guidance for purchases, leases, and other real estate issues that might arise.  Whether you are buying a home or leasing a commercial property, BAG LEGAL’s advice can help you achieve your goals.  Here at BAG LEGAL, we help our clients expedite real estate deals with a attention to detail, preciseness, and a quick turnaround time.

Services in Residential Real Estate

If you are buying a home or investment property, you should understand that real estate contracts sometimes contain confusing clauses and hidden fees that are not favorable to you. Securing the assistance of BAG LEGAL can protect you from problems that can arise before, during, or after a real estate transaction.  Having BAG LEGAL on your team NOW can prevent problems that might arise LATER.  We can provide you with reliable advice and prevent you from signing an agreement that contains terms that are not in your best interest.

Services in Commercial Real Estate

BAG LEGAL can also help you navigate the fast-paced commercial real estate market in New York. We are dedicated to making every real estate transaction a success for the seller or buyer, landlord or tenant. Oftentimes, commercial spaces go up for lease and can be gone within a matter of hours.  While it is important to move quickly to “bag” up the commercial spaces, it is also vitally important to make sure that the contracts you enter into contain reasonable terms.  Towards this end, we provide real estate services in areas such as leasing, abstracting of leases, estoppel certificates, document review.  We handle all issues related to your real estate transaction, from purchase agreements, to commercial leases, to financing work-outs. We will work with you closely to develop a creative and effective strategy to both protect your short-term goals and making sure those goals are poised to maximize your long term success. We provide legal advice and due diligence for all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including businesses, mixed-use buildings, and undeveloped land.

Summary of BAG LEGAL's Services

Overall, here at Bagneris Legal, we help you navigate the legal aspects surrounding the following areas:

 • Contracts

• Drafting of purchase and sale agreements

• Reviewing real estate contracts

• Advising on real estate related tax matters

• Real estate financing

• Reviewing offering plans and financial statements

 • Determining whether there are any unpaid real estate taxes or unpaid HPD liens against the building

 • Mortgages

 • Land acquisition

 • Construction and improvements

 • Construction permits

 • Renovations and other property amendments

 • Sale and leasing agreements

 • Negotiations

 • Real estate closings

 • Liability reduction

 • Landlord/tenant services

 • Avoiding future litigation

 • Dispute resolution

 • Environmental concerns

 • Rehabilitation of condominiums

 • Title searches and title insurance

 • Zoning and easements